GCC BBQ To Honor Outgoing President, Dr. David Viar

Community to gather to celebrate

Carly Pellot, Staff Writer

In honor of outgoing GCC president Dr. David Viar, GCC will be hosting a BBQ to celebrate the many accomplishments made under his leadership. Sponsored by the ASGCC, Guild, CSEA, Academic Senate, and the GCC Foundation, the BBQ will be open for students and staff to attend. Those who would like to attend can refer to the GCC website (linked below).

In Oct. 2021, GCC President, Dr. David Viar, announced his plans to retire after a nine-year career as the school’s superintendent/president.

When asked about Dr. Viar’s impact on the community, Dean of Athletics, Chris Cicuto, shared his viewpoint. “Dr. Viar brought back the stability, security and student centered approach that was so needed when he became President in 2013. Our community and college was gifted a wonderful leader with an inclusive vision for success and growth of GCC,” said Cicuto. “He has lead us through arguably one of the most challenging times in US History with the Covid-19 pandemic and has left his legacy not only with physical infrastructure with the buildings constructed in his tenure, but most importantly, he fostered a campus with our student’s experience at the forefront while making decisions based on policies and values. Dr. Viar has been a great leader and mentor to myself and droves of administrators, faculty and staff on our campus. Thank you for service, commitment, sacrifices, fairness, an open ear and most importantly, being you. Once a VAQ, Always a VAQ!”

In a statement regarding his retirement, Dr. Viar takes the opportunity to thank the Glendale community for the many accomplishments made during his time with GCC. “The highlight of my 45-year career as a chief executive officer has been being a part of the Glendale Community College’s significant accomplishments and advancements as we worked together to serve Glendale and the Greater Los Angeles Region,” said Dr. Viar.

Dr. Viar goes on to list the many accomplishments made here at GCC within the past nine years. Most notably, Measure GC, granted the school $325 million toward facility improvements. Also, the hiring of 120 new faculty members and 18 administrators. Along with the staff improvement, record-reaching levels of degrees have been awarded to students.

On April 4, GCC’s Board of Trustees announced in a press release the incoming superintendent, Dr. Ryan Cornner. “I was well aware of GCC’s proud tradition of excellence and service to the community before I began this process and my respect has grown even deeper as I interacted with so many impressive people who I now get to call colleagues,” Dr. Cornner said in a press release.

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