KRT Syndicated Cartoon Creates Controversy

Ka Leo O Hawaii
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Editor’s Note: The above cartoon was originally printed on Dec. 12, 2005. Due to the discussion that the cartoon inspired online, Ka Leo editors felt the cartoon should be further discussed in the print version.

Ka Leo encourages anyone that wishes to contribute to the discussion to submit a letter to the editor at: [email protected].

The cartoon in discussion was created by Steve Sack, an award-winning cartoonist from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, whose work is syndicated to Ka Leo through KRT Campus. Steve Sack has been the editorial cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune since 1981.

A native of the Twin Cities, Sack was born in St. Paul in 1953. His newspaper career began while attending the University of Minnesota, where he illustrated features for the school paper, The Minnesota Daily. Eventually he began drawing cartoons for their editorial page. Two years later he was hired as staff cartoonist for the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Journal-Gazette.

After three years Sack returned to Minnesota to join the Star Tribune. He has won assorted Minnesota cartooning awards over the years, and in 2003 received national recognition of his work winning First Place in the Press Club’s National Headliner Awards. His work is distributed in the U.S. and internationally by Tribune Media Services. With partner Craig Macintosh he also produces the children’s Sunday Comics feature “Professor Doodles.”