Biggest Shopping Day Approaches

State Hornet
Sacramento State University

Now that Black Friday has passed with few casualties, it is time for students to be thinking about their holiday shopping plans.

People may have been trampled in many parts of the country the day after Thanksgiving, but the busiest shopping day is still ahead. According to International Council of Shopping Centers, the Saturday before Christmas is the busiest shopping day of the year.

With finals ending Dec. 16, there will no doubt be some Sacramento State students among the mass of consumers that day. Damon Salc, a freshman communications major, said he began shopping last week. I dont want to be shopping after finals, Salc said.

Sophomore criminal justice major Elizabeth Clark works as a cashier at a local Wal-mart. I will be working everyday until Christmas, she said. Clark said she hopes to shop in between shifts, but expects to be shopping on the 17th. With my work and school schedule, I dont have much choice, Clark added.

Maria Langer, an undeclared junior said she doesnt mind shopping on busy days as long as she finds what shes looking for.

I want to get my boyfriend an Xbox 360, but they are sold out everywhere, she said. Langer is hoping Microsoft makes good on their plans to ship another wave of 360s before the holiday. I already waited two hours when it first came out and didnt get one, so I am willing to wait because I am not overpaying on Ebay, Langer said.

The Xbox 360 is one of the more popular items this year, along with other electronics that are selling well. According to Consumer Reports, items such as MP3 players, cell phones and digital cameras are among the top sellers this holiday season. Sales of DVD box sets have risen dramatically this year, according to the report.

My husband loves Seinfeld, so I bought him all the available seasons out on DVD, said Clark. She said that DVD box sets are selling like crazy at Wal-mart. I ring them up at least 10 times a shift, and I dont even work in electronics, Clark added.

Other top sellers include: clothing, shoes, and household appliances. No matter what youre looking for, strategizing about when to shop is the key, Salc said. Ill do whatever it takes to avoid the long lines and crowded malls, he added. That included shopping online for the first time.