How-to Holiday: A Complete Guide to Gifts for Girls and Guys

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Every year there is noticeable panic during Christmas time that radiates off all females. Usually, the source of the panic is a lack of ideas for what to buy their snuggle-buns (also known as their boyfriend).

Guys have everything. Every boyfriend already owns all the seasons of Family Guy on DVD, there aren’t any new Halo 2 follow-ups to get them, and they have already pimped out their iPod with the latest accessories.

No guy wants to receive a knitted scarf, unwrap new underwear and socks or pull a bottle of gag-worthy cologne out of a gift bag.

A classic gift girls are known for giving is the memorable framed “Awww, we’re a cute couple” photo. It’s getting old, ladies! It is time for girls to become innovative with gift ideas. Keep reading for some gift ideas from Eastern’s dating experts that may spark your boyfriend’s interest!

iTunes gift certificate: Your boyfriend has the iPod 20GB, a shuffle, and the nano, but he will need some music to listen to. Buy him a gift card for iTunes songs at the iTunes music store!

Gift certificate to a nice restaurant: By now, you and your man have shared quite a few meals together, so why not break the “he buys” tradition and treat him! You can find gift certificates to almost any popular restaurant, so pick his favorite and take him out! Every man (and woman) loves food, so this is an ideal gift.

Mini Breathalyzer: What guy wouldn’t love having a blood alcohol competition with his buddies? Pick one of these gadgets up online. It’s the gift that will keep him entertained for hours. Don’t forget the beer. Maybe wrap a cute little bow around it so it seems like you put some effort into it.

Skateboard deck: If your guy is a skater he would probably appreciate a brand new skate deck! You can check out the cool selection of decks and accessories at Spirit Skate Shop in Spokane.

Concert tickets: Your man’s favorite band is coming to town, but, he’s too broke to afford the tickets. Pick up a pair of tickets for him and the band’s latest album. Maybe he can get it autographed at the show!

Custom bobble-head: This idea may be a little odd, but imagine the look on your boyfriend’s face when he unwraps a miniature clone of himself! The looks are priceless, even if the bobble-head costs you an ample amount. Check out for details.

It’s tough buying gifts for guys. Even Eastern’s female dating experts have run into some gift-buying conflicts. If the ideas listed don’t quite satisfy your needs then keep one thing in mind; the best gifts just require a bit of thought and creativity!

— Lindsay Kremkau

Over the course of the year, girls drop hints to their boyfriends on exactly what they want for Christmas. They weave these suggestions deftly into everyday conversation with little winks, nods and nudges that flare up and scream, “This is important, pay attention!” It is good to listen.

But some men don’t, and haven’t again this year. With a month and a half left before the day, this season’s beaus are still calm, but give it a few weeks and watch the dudes start to panic. Floundering, they’ll grab at any gift ideas that give them the illusion of floating to shore: lingerie, toaster ovens, a DVD box set of the first season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with director commentary, and even an exercise bike or two. Each of these is a viable present if the guy knows his girl well enough to be sure they want it, but they’re also very dangerous if he doesn’t. Especially the bike. Guys should only get their girls exercise equipment if they want to be clubbed senseless with a dumbbell.

There are skeleton keys to a woman’s heart. These are gifts that, though not anything like the thing she wanted, work nearly as well, and universally. The most well-known of these is the diamond. Late male shoppers would do well to remember that jewelry is the spiked ticket to a woman’s heart: it’s obscenely expensive, and is bought just outside the front door at the last minute. It works, but it’s far less pricey to get her that hat she had a hard time putting back at Macy’s, and it’s easier, too.

For those not wishing to impart the serious connotations inherent with ice as a gift, chocolate is the best option. The ladies love it. Chocolate is more thoroughly intertwined with women than with vanilla in those little yogurt swirls, and is almost always an appropriate gift, regardless of the nature of one’s relationship. Decent chocolate can be very expensive, but it’s cheaper than jewelry, and if a dude’s caught with no shopping time before Santa plops down the chimney, the choice is clear.

Really, though, the secret is to know what a girl wants, and get it for her. This means listening. Guys may cringe when they hear the word “listen,” but communication has come to be what Christmas really means. To say that Christmas is about giving is cliche; the value of that statement has died. Nowadays, Christmas is about knowing someone well enough to glean what someone wants this year, even, sometimes, if he or she doesn’t really know yet. This doesn’t just apply to a couple. It’s pertinent to any form of relationship, family or friends.

Christmas is a time of opportunity. People pass a lot of judgment during the holiday season, and as scary as that is, it’s a chance to make one’s self look good. Don’t blow it.

— Chris Malmberg