Collegiate News >> Entertainment‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Fails to Deliver Bang for Buck

(The Johnsonian)

Were you a painfully awkward teenager growing up in Iowa
with a hairstyle that resembled Carrot Top’s. Chances are great that you were
and, as such, this movie will make you feel very uncomfortable. Who wants to
revisit Iowa?

This comedy debut from a director
whose name is not important enough to remember does just that. The story centers
on a gangly youth searching to find purpose in his eccentric life. He finds it
when a new exchange student from Mexico, who makes up in mustache what he lacks
in social skills, decides to run for class president. Napoleon takes it upon
himself to ensure his taciturn friend’s victory over the most popular girl in
school by using his dance and drawing skills.

Does this sound like a movie you
can afford to miss? You bet it does — especially considering that “Napoleon
Dynamite” isn’t even playing in Rock Hill. Rest assured that a film whose
biggest star played a bit-part on “Reno: 911” isn’t a film worth carpooling with
your friends up to Charlotte and dropping $7 on. I mean, “Reno: 911” isn’t even a
scripted show! But it’s still better entertainment than “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Save your money. Stay home.

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