Patience, luck aid students in move-in parking

Scooby Axson - Daily Staff Writer (The Oklahoma Daily

Knowing where to park has always been a confusing experience for
incoming OU freshmen. Thursday’s annual move-in day was no

While there were not enough parking spaces to contain the
thousands of cars move-in day brings, many students and parents
tried various ways to find a place to park, and many were

Eric Cohn, University College freshman moving into Adams Hall,
said he relied on luck and, even though it was difficult to find
somewhere to park, he managed to squeeze his way into a space.

“We just got lucky we found a space open,” Cohn
said. “We tried a couple of different lots, but there was
nothing open really.”

Nacogdoches, Texas, resident Rick Morris, whose son Dane is
going to be a University College freshman, said that with a little
planning, it should not be hard to find parking.

“Actually it worked out very well,” Morris said.
“We stayed at the Sooner Hotel last night, so when we got up
this morning we were right near the dorms and we just shifted over
one parking lot, and it worked out great.”

One student said patience can also relieve the problems of

“I just followed people around in my car until I found a
parking spot that I liked, but that took a while, because we were
going about two miles per hour,” said David English,
University College freshman. “I knew I should have gotten
here earlier.”

Theta Dempsey, director of Parking and Transit Services, said
that there will be people around to help students and parents find
their ways around so they will not be ticketed.

“People can go up to the residence halls and park to
unload their things, but they must move their vehicles immediately
if they want to avoid those fines,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey also said that student and parents will have until
Tuesday to park in certain areas.

“Students can park in the designated student and
multi-purpose parking if they don’t have a placard on Monday
and Tuesday, and they won’t get fined,” she said.

Dempsey said the same rules apply for anywhere else.

“If you park beside the yellow curb, expired parking
meters, or use faculty parking, you will get a citation and a
fine,” she said.

Move-in will continue from now until school starts Monday.

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