Tech reacts to Kerry’s choice of Edwards

Megan LaVoie (The University Daily)

Mixed feelings ran rampant throughout the Texas Tech campus as
Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry chose Sen. John
Edwards as his running mate on Tuesday.


Kerry chose Edwards as his running mate out of a list of 25
candidates, which included Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri, Iowa
Gov. Tom Vilsack and Sen. Bob Graham of Florida.


Edwards, who is a seasoned trial lawyer and a rookie senator
from North Carolina, is Kerry’s formal rival. Edwards was a front
contender against Kerry for the Democratic Presidential nomination
this past spring.


Kerry described Edwards as a man who showed “Guts and
determination and political skill” when announcing his decision,
according to the Associated Press.


Missy Helbert, a senior account specialist with the Mass
Communications college, said Edwards is a bad choice as Kerry’s
running mate because he has no experience.


“I am from North Carolina, and I still think Edwards was a bad
choice,” she said. “It is scary to think that if Kerry were elected
and something happened to him, Edwards would be president – I cant
see him handling that responsibility.”


Others thought Edwards was the perfect match for Kerry.


Carmen Rehn, a senior business major from Austin, said choosing
Edwards will put Kerry ahead of President George Bush come election


“I think Edwards was the perfect choice – he’s got charismam,
and he’s from the south, which contrasts with Kerry because he’s
from the North,” she said. “Edwards is helping Kerry become a good
threat against defeating Bush in November.”


Chandan Kambli agreed.


“I think Kerry and Edwards together are going to be strong
contenders for the presidency and vice presidency,” said Kambli a
business major from India.


“I am not from this country; however, I feel like Kerry and
Edwards both are committed to the welfare of this country and
making it a better place for people to live in,” he said.


Some students felt Kerry’s choice was a blow to other contenders
for the vice-presidential spot on the democratic ticket.


David Weaver, a junior engineering major from Sherman, said
Kerry’s choice was a slap in the face, especially to Dick


“Gephardt is the senior member of the party,” he said. “Kerry
not choosing him was a slap in the face to not only him, but also
to the democratic party.”


Helbert said Kerry chose Edwards as his running mate to gain
votes in the south.


“I think he wanted Edwards to help gain votes in the south, but
I think the south is smarter than that,” she said.


Weaver agreed.


“Kerry has no respect for tradition,” he said. “He just wants to
get elected.”


The Kerry-Edwards ticket will be nominated at the Democratic
National Convention in Boston, which begins July 26.












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