Aman: Random acts of kindness the secret to happiness

Nahum Aman (The University Daily)

Mother Teresa said it best when she stated, “Kind words can be
short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Do
you aspire to be respected and admired by your peers and
colleagues? I know I do, and I’ve found the secret; it is the art
of being kind. There is an art in all things, and when you perfect
it, it becomes a valuable asset. However, so many people are only
concerned about what others think. When you adopt this state of
mind, you have accepted a mindset that is the perfect planting
grounds for destruction. I’m not here to preach, nor am I here to
advise everyone to be kind all the time, but I do believe it is of
utmost importance to make other individuals feel good about
themselves by leaving a lasting imprint on the spirit through
spoken word.


Many people do not realize something as simple as a pat on the
back or a few words can mean the world to someone who cannot see
past today. Those words have a way of being reciprocated when the
storms of life have you bound on your darkest day.


A bad day should not stop you from being polite or courteous.
Think about the last time you performed a good deed. (Those of you
who can’t remember are missing out.) You see, benevolence brings
happiness, and happiness has its benefits. People want to be around
others who are kind to others and at peace with themselves. It
should inspire you to do better for that someone. The kinder and
more considerate you are toward others, the more it will come back.
In the midst of all this terror and war people feel helpless. They
feel nothing can change the situation besides the government. That
is a lie.


One person can make a difference. Make it a habit to keep a
smile on your face, regardless of the situation. When doing a favor
never look for something in return. Do it out of the goodness of
your heart. Brighten up someone’s day by opening a door for someone
or sharing a compliment. It’s not the materials, objects or other
physical substance that count in life; it’s the small things that
make a difference.


Not everyone on campus is perfect, but what distinguishes one
set of people from others is some people actually live to better
themselves while others stay where they are. I am not perfect, so I
have made a pledge to be a better person. Remember everyone has a
battle to fight. I tell myself each day that I will commit to one
random act of senseless kindness. The question is, will you?








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