Taking It all Off on Sunday

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July 11 will mark the annual celebration of National Nude Weekend for those people who prefer the naked way of life.

Tallahassee’s own local nudist club, Tallahassee Naturally, will be holding festivities at their open house, near Monticello, featuring an array of sports and plenty of relaxation — all sans clothes.

“We’ve got 40 acres of land and a five to six acre lake,” Tallahassee Naturally Secretary Paul LeValley said. “Activities for the day will include swimming, sun-bathing, volleyball, Frisbee, hiking and horseshoes.”

Dress codes will be enforced throughout the day during Sunday’s open house. The code offers a clothed hour from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., during which time political candidates have been invited to attend and meet with voters. Clothing-optional hours will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and all nude activities will begin at 1 p.m. and go until 4 p.m.

The club welcomes single people and couples of all ages and races, and families are encouraged to bring their spouses and children. Tallahassee Naturally maintains its reputability by upholding the standards of both the Naturist Society as well as the American Association for Nude Recreation, and has been generally well-received by the public.

“For one, when channel 11 recently did a program about the town of Monticello, we were in it,” LeValley said. “Secondly, many years ago I had a conversation with a woman in conservative politics, and she said that she knew we ran a tight ship. For several years our president was a police dispatcher, and our members are made up of everyone from teachers, professors, pediatricians, troop leaders and even a lay minister.”

College students make up approximately 15 percent of the group, a figure which members claim is the highest in the nation. The club also offers substantial student discounts and usually includes at least one student on the organization’s board of directors. Perhaps the most popular event among students, however, is the club’s annual College Greek Athletic Meet, which occurs each year over Spring Break and includes sports such as the long jump, discus, a 200-yard dash, javelin tossing and wrestling — all done in the traditionally nude fashion the ancient Greeks practiced. Anyone of any age may compete in the events, but the winning title goes to the best overall college student in each entry classification.

“Greek week is held over Spring Break, and it’s the world’s only authentic nude re-enactment of the original Greek pentathlon,” LeValley said.

The club leases the grounds every weekend for nude recreation, and the club offers a safe, relaxed, and fully legal environment for those who prefer to be bare and free the way nature intended. Some fees apply, but the open house is free of charge to all interested parties.

“Since it’s our open house there is no fee to get in, although we gladly accept donations to land funds or legal funds,” LeValley said.

Attendees are advised to bring towels to sit on and dry off with, comfortable footwear, sunscreen, and plenty of bug spray to protect those special parts that are usually left unexposed. Alcohol is permitted, but attendees are encouraged to drink in moderation, and sexual activity is not allowed. While cameras will not be permitted this Sunday, they are generally acceptable as long as they are used under the permission of the subject having their photo taken.

In addition to the liberation that is guaranteed to accompany a day of all-nude activities, the hot weather may be an added bonus for those wishing to lose the threads.

“It’s hot weather, so this is the time to do it,” LeValley said.

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