New York Airports Shut Down

AP Wire Service

The Federal Aviation Administration shut down Newark, John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in the New York area due to the power blackout affecting that area. The Cleveland and Ottawa, Ontario airports were also shut down.

Otherwise, however, the FAA said its facilities were operating normally on backup power and that planes in the air were in no danger.

NBC News reports that the FAA says planes enroute may land at these airports, but believes some airlines may redirect flights to airports with power.

FAA officials told NBC News that individual airport terminals could be affected, however, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport was temporarily closed.

The Washington, D.C. area airports were not closed down, NBC News reports.

A New York emergency management official says he has “no idea how extensive [the power outage] is.” Other cities in the dark include Detroit, Cleveland and Toledo. And power is out in parts of Canada, including Toronto and throughout Ontario.

MSNBC-TV’s Brian Williams reports that the nation’s air traffic control sytem is “by and large, up and running.”