El Vaquero

May March

Adriana Orellana

June 14, 2010

As morning came, we put on our white shirts to represent our unity with undocumented workers. This annual event has become known as the May March. We marched for the immigrants and to unite with all those that were against the...

Applying for Assistance:

Ariel Oakley

June 14, 2010

The social services building in Glendale is crowded today. People are sitting and standing, waiting for their number to be called. Despite the crowd it is eerily quiet. No one speaks to each other, we individually look over our...

King of the Orbit

Anita Marto

June 19, 2009

Danny Daniels reclines back on his throne, a dilapidated, sparkly, turquoise beauty shop chair and exclaims, "Civil rights did more to hurt people than to help 'em." He's a tall, lanky 57-year-old man in a loose T-shirt and jeans...

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