Ice Melts as Earth Warms

Ice Melts as Earth Warms

October 8, 2014

Students Should Start Saving for the Future Today

Jennifer Rodman, Staff Writer

October 8, 2014

Rarely do college students start thinking about saving money or investing while they are still in school, typically putting it off until they graduate and find a stable job. Students get caught up in covering their school expenses...

Sincerely, Aggie: Don’t Judge a College by Its Cost

Agnessa Kasumyan, Managing Editor

May 29, 2014

If someone told my 12-year-old self that I would be at a community college rather than at Oxford University penning the next greatest book series since Harry Potter, I would have most likely responded with a catty “that is never...

Sincerely, Aggie: It’s the Same Old Story, Monica

Agnessa Kasumyan, Managing Editor

May 15, 2014

As a child of the ’90s, I cannot even begin to remember when I first learned of the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal. As unfortunate as this is, it would be like trying to remember when I first learned to walk or talk. That’s...

Fukushima Reactor: An Unnatural Disaster

Alin Boughousi, Staff Writer

May 14, 2014

  The Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster may be the worst of its kind. It has left a path of devastation in its wake and the radiation may have already reached our shores. This is not the first time a reactor has leaked...

Sincerely, Aggie: Bill Protects Student Data

Agnessa Kasumyan, Managing Editor

May 1, 2014

Being a fairly private person with journalistic career aspirations, I generally keep personal or opinionated posts on social media sites to a minimum. My accounts are primarily used to network, share news stories, and spam my...

Sincerely, Aggie: Kessab Armenians Under Attack

Agnessa Kasumyan, Managing Editor

April 3, 2014

As a child, I always dreaded the month of April, for it symbolized fear and the death of my ancestors and fellow Armenians. As March came to a close, my stomach suffered deep pangs of anxiety while my nights were haunted by thoughts...