El Vaquero

Misleading Television a Turn Off

Mustang Daily
California Polytechnic

August 17, 2006

(U-WIRE) SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — My friend has let me down. Recently, we had a misunderstanding and I decided that we should no longer see each other. I realized that my friend is holding me back and giving nothing to...

Polygamy Is a Party on New HBO Addition to Family Night

The Easterner Online
Eastern Washington University, Cheney

April 20, 2006

With three highly successful series already in production, "The Sopranos," "Deadwood" and "Six Feet Under," HBO hopes to add a fourth to the list: "Big Love." "Big Love" brings something completely new to the HBO series line-up: po...

‘American Idol’ Revs Up for Fifth Season

The Daily Mississippian
University of Mississippi

January 20, 2006

Gah, it feels like it's been forever since I wrote the last edition of "Gossip." Oh wait, it has. Is it just me, or was winter break the longest break ever? I feel like we were out of school for like three months. I almost didn'...

For Tracy Morgan, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Old Hat

Detroit Free Press via FS View
Florida State University

January 9, 2006

Tracy Morgan is in a record warehouse in Los Angeles, explaining in a loud and playful voice what he's buying. "Old school hip-hop," he says by cell phone. "I don't mess with the new school stuff. I'm o...

The Boys Are Back

Hornet Arts and Entertainment Editor
The Hornet
Fullerton College

December 1, 2005

Just over 12 years ago, MTV debuted what most people considered to be the stupidest show on TV. The show's name? "Beavis and Butthead." It was about two teens doing what most teenage boys do. Trying to score with chicks, huffing pa...

ManiaTV Not Ready for Primetime

The Oracle
University of South Florida

November 7, 2005

Free TV — it's a concept that either strikes fear in the heart of cable providers or causes them to scoff and proclaim, "That's crazy." But is it crazy enough to work? That's what ManiaTV founder Drew Massey is banking on. "The wh...

Satellite Killed the FM Radio Star

State Hornet
Sacramento State University

November 4, 2005

Those tired of commercially driven radio stations, loaded with everything but music, can sit back and enjoy the clear, commercial free stations of satellite radio. Satellite radio, an alternative to commercial radio stations, ha...

‘The Boondocks’ Invades a Civilized TV Near You

Pulse Reporter
Oregon Daily Emerald
Oregon State University

November 4, 2005

Aaron McGruder wanted to bring to life the characters of his acclaimed and infamous cartoon strip, "The Boondocks," from the moment they graced the pages of major newspapers in 1999. Today, more than 350 newspapers nationwide...

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