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Adequate Sleep Necessary for Success in College

Daily Kent Stater
Kent State University

August 22, 2006

(U-WIRE) KENT, Ohio - A video on YouTube's Web site titled "Students Sleeping in College" depicts what sleep means to many college students — three students sitting in a lecture hall as they drift in and out of sleep; their...

Studies Show Health Benefits of Coffee

The Daily Vidette
Illinois State University

August 22, 2006

(U-WIRE) NORMAL, Ill. — Several recent studies have shown that coffee might provide many health benefits. In addition to giving drinkers a strong start to the morning, coffee could also potentially reduce the risk of many...

Study: Four in 5 College Students Drink

The Stanford Daily
Stanford University

August 17, 2006

(U-WIRE) STANFORD, Calif. — Four in five college students drink and roughly 40 percent drink heavily, according to an article released Aug. 7 by the American Psychiatry Association (APA). However, campus officials at St...

Pills Become an Addictive — Sometimes Deadly — Study Aid

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Via The Arbiter Online
Boise State University

April 3, 2006

A tough math class prompted Rich to take the drug. The effect: "I could study for, like, eight hours straight," said the University of Wisconsin-Madison junior. Samantha, a Marquette University sophomore, popped it on the e...

Everyone Has an HIV Status

News Writer
The Arbiter Online
Boise State University

April 3, 2006

"Are you ready to hear your test results," asked Mariah Malcolm, HIV counseling and testing coordinator at the HIV Services Clinic in Boise. Truthfully, I wasn't ready. I was scared. The palms of my hands moistened and a fearful se...

Sucked Into Soft Drinks — Caffeine Affects Student Health, Teeth and Wallets

Art Director
The Cardinal
University of Louisville

February 1, 2006

Consuming soft drinks is America's other favorite pastime. In 2000, the average American consumed more than 53 gallons of soft drinks, according to the National Soft Drink Association. In 2004, soft drink giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola...

How to Survive the Flu Season

Staff Writer
USA Vanguard
University of South Alabama

November 29, 2005

It's that time of year again when the temperature gets cooler, the humidity drops, and the flu season begins. We all hope that dreadful sickness does not occur to us, especially during exam time. That's when we need our energy th...

Freshman Weight Gain Can be Prevented

The Daily Mississippian
Mississippi State University

November 29, 2005

College students have a lot of concerns about life after high school when they start their freshman year. Some students have to worry about paying for school, some worry about getting a date for the football game and then othe...

Flu Vaccine Demand Increases

Vanderbilt Hustler
Vanderbilt University

November 16, 2005

Flu vaccinations, which previously were available for all students from the Student Health Center, are now being offered only to high-risk recipients this week. Currently, flu-mist, the nasal form of the vaccine, is still ava...

Energy Drinks: The Real Deal or a Bunch of Bull?

The Vanguard
Portland State Univeristy

November 2, 2005

Walk into any grocery store or mini mart these days and you're likely to find an entire wall taken up by a refrigerated beverage case. Look closer to find the usual assortment of beer, soda and bottled water. But there's more:...

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