El Vaquero

Dating Was Never Easy

March 27, 2018

College students have been singing the same song for the past decade “It's so hard to date now.” Well, it's true, but it’s not dating that's changed. We have. People have gotten lazy, and why not? We can listen to music, wa...

Nothing to Brag About

The Daily Free Press
Boston University

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) BOSTON — Republicans have been quick to pull Saddam Hussein's death sentence into the American political arena, claiming it as a victory for the Bush administration and those who support him. President Bush has pr...

A Violent End for a Violent Man

The Daily Reveille
Lousiana State University

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) BATON ROUGE, La. — Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging Sunday morning by an Iraqi special tribunal for crimes against humanity. The verdict will be reviewed in an appellate court within a month. Th...

Hussein Won’t Receive the Hanging He Was Sentenced To

The Oracle
University of South Florida

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) TAMPA, Fla. — Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death, and that is cause for great celebration — a brutal dictator who killed thousands has been sentenced to a punishment he most certainly deserves. However,...

Compromise Needed on Immigration Reform Bills

Oregon Daily Emerald
University of Oregon, Eugene

April 3, 2006

Racism. Lawlessness. Civil rights. Amnesty. Politicians, pundits and demonstrators on both sides of the polarized national debate regarding what to do about illegal immigration are quick to utter these emotionally charged buzzwords...

A Thin Line Between Mayor and God

MSU Reporter

January 26, 2006

Following Hurricane Katrina, it was hard not to like New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. He was fiery and brash, boldly crying out to our countrys most powerful the many frustrations felt by his people. Before Martin Luther King Jr. Da...

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