Good Fridays

Anissa Clarke

If you didn’t already like Fridays for being the last day of the week and the jump-start to your weekend, you’ll love them after eating a free lunch provided by the members of the Los Angeles Church of Christ. The 5-7 members who participate each week help feed the hungry students of GCC.

This giving church family gathers on a grassy hill known as Vaquero Plaza from 12-1 p.m. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the tasty meals, even if they aren’t Christian. Choi is one member who helps provide spaghetti and meatballs, white rice with vegetables, California rolls, Kimchi and other dishes. “Many students come to eat and meet new people,” says Choi, “they don’t have to be a believer.”

The gift of giving doesn’t come cheap; it costs the church members $50-100 each week to serve the 15-19 students who attend the lunches. “We do this to share God’s grace and love,” says Allen Avedian, who has been helping with the lunches since June.

“A lot of the time people are afraid to approach Christians thinking they’re going to force them go to church, says Adrienne, who has been a regular attendee to the lunches for over a month and is president of GCC’s club, Christians in Action [C.I.A.] “I think this is a great way to show people what Christianity is all about.”

Ella, 18, a freshman, thinks the lunches are “great.” “The food is delicious and healthy,” she said as she walked back to class.

“Our intention here is to bring the students together where they can forget about their work load and enjoy a home cooked meal,” says Avendian. Sounds like a good Friday to me.

Editor’s note: The Insider does not sanction any religion or church institution. We are aware that the International Church of Christ is a controversial organization. The aim of this article is neither to endorse nor oppose this organization, but simply to describe the lunch program that members provide to the campus community.