District Budget Approved as Enrollment Increases

Garineh Demirjian

During its meeting on Sept. 10, the college board of trustees approved the budget for the fiscal year 2007-2008 and discussed the success of a significant increase in enrollment.

As of Sept. 10 student head count is up 5.9 percent from Fall 2006. During the meeting Dr. Levy, GCC president said, “We had a wonderful beginning for the semester, we are doing quite well. We are up 3.8 percent in Full Time Equivalent Student (FTES), so I would like to commend all the faculty and staff for the hard work that they have done to bring in our students.”

FTES is the unit of measure collected, compiled and reported to the State in order for the college to receive apportionment. There are two components required to report FTES and collect apportionment. First, a student must register in a course and remain through the census or for the duration of the course. Secondly, the procedures for collecting FTES are determined by the type and length of the course and the way the course is scheduled.

The board commended the entire campus community for its efforts to make students feel welcome the first week of school, particularly the campus police, for their assistance with parking.

The adoption of the Glendale Community College District Budget was approved for about $85 million, which represents a financial plan for the operation year based on the state’s adopted budget. Modifications will be brought to the board for consideration and approval throughout the year to recognize changes in revenue and to allocate resources to achieve program objectives.

The board reviewed a proposal for broadcasting of Board of Trustees meetings. The report outlined possible options to accomplish the recording and broadcasting of the Board of Trustees meeting, and will be returned to a future meeting for continued discussion and possible adoption.

The Board acknowledged Bill Taylor, Director of Business Services, for his service as Project Manager of the new parking structure.

The board congratulated the college on the open house of the Bhupesh Parikh Health Sciences and Technology building.

There was also a reception honoring new Fall 2007 ASGCC officers, new faculty members, newly tenured faculty and new employees. In previous years this type of reception had took place on Faculty Institute Day.

The board usually meets on the third Monday of the month at 5 p.m. in Kreider Hall.