New Building Delayed

Corinna Scott

There will be a delay in construction of the student services lab building owing to the state’s suspension of funds. This delay was discussed at the board of trustees meeting on Monday, but this was not exactly new news.

At the July 30 meeting, former executive vice president of administrative services Larry Serot spoke on the subject of construction for the student services lab building. He said at the time that construction for the lab building, due to the state fiscal crisis and other factors, would be pushed back until the next bond measure and will be delayed until 2010.

Ricardo Perez, vice president of student services, said that the preliminary plans for the building have been delayed because the state suspended needed funds. “We had to stop at the planning phase,” he said. The college has money set aside from Measure G, passed in 2002, to match funds from the state when the state releases its suspension. Some of the Measure G money has already been spent completing the science center.

“Once the state releases the funds, work on the student services lab building can begin again,” said Ron Nakasone, interim executive vice president of administrative services.

The $63 million student services lab building, when built, will house financial aid offices, classrooms, a counseling center for students with disabilities, student labs, assessment and the Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS).

Also at Monday’s meeting, Anthony Tartaglia said “I appreciate what the Garfield committee did in terms of looking at what is necessary for the expansion.”

In the special presentation, Peggy Renner, coordinator of the college’s strategic master plan and history professor, spoke of the foundation’s goals such as to assess why students are here, how to keep them and what students need. She showed parallels between the board of trustees’ goals and the foundation’s goals.

The board diverted from the agenda to welcome Lisa Brooks, the newly elected executive director of the Glendale College Foundation.

“I have been so impressed with the warmth of your welcome here. I really, really appreciate it,” said Brooks. “It’s been a joy getting to know everybody.”

“I’m very thrilled to be bringing my fundraising and communication strategic skills. I know this is a really tough time for the community colleges and I also know that I can’t (support the college) by myself.”

“I’m very glad I have a good foundation and I’m looking to each one of you (on the board) to work in partnership with us to help build a really strong foundation for the future,” she said.