Board of Trustees Gains a New Member

Corinna Scott

New board member Ann Ransford was sworn in with reelected members Armine Hacopian and Anita Quinonez Gabrielian at the April 20 meeting.

“I want to start by saying what a great experience this has been running for this election,” said Ransford to the audience, “and I want you to use [my campaign] as a model to jump into something that you haven’t ever done before; and your things that you’ve never done before are different than mine.”

“It might be jumping out of airplane,” said Ransford, “it might be making bread; it might be taking a new class. Challenge yourself for something you’ve never done before and conquer it. It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience, so that’s my challenge to all of you in the coming months.”

Ransford thanked those who had supported her through the election, including the California School Employees Association, the Professors for Quality Education (the political arm of the Faculty Guild) as well as those who voted for her and watched her Youtube video and spread the word about her campaign.

“I had no idea I had over 13,000 friends out there in Glendale,” said Ransford. “I would have never embarked upon this journey without your support.”

Welcoming Ransford to the board, Gordon Alexandre, president of the Faculty Guild, said jokingly, “My hope is that this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”

Ransford replied, “I’m a Capricorn.”

Then, joking aside, Alexandre said, “I’m hopeful that this is going to turn the page and we can begin a new and better chapter.”

Alexandre said that he hopes the addition of a new member to the trustees would help the board “get beyond some of the rancor and some of the division and some of the conflict that has been part of the relationship for the past several years.”

He said the addition of a new member would not necessarily bring about much change, but that there were some positive changes in store for the board.

“The Faculty Guild is hopeful for a positive relationship with you and the board,” said Alexandre.

“To my dear friend Ann, I’m so excited that you are on this board. You bring a fresh perspective,” said board member Tony Tartaglia.

Gabrielian was elected new vice president, while former vice president Vahe Peroomian became the new board president.

Tony Tartaglia was elected as board clerk.
As former board president Victor King handed over the gavel, he took the chance to thank his family for their support through his years serving on the board.

“At the last board meeting I forgot to thank my family,” King said. “My wife Grace and my newest son Ryan are in the back [of the room]. I thank them for their support over the years that I’ve been on the board.”

He said that the board was in session the evening of Dec. 9, the day that Ryan was born, for a candidates forum.

“Good luck, everyone,” said King before leaving, “Godspeed.”

In President Audre Levy’s report, she announced that student trustee Ovsanna Khachikian won an award for being a member of the All U.S. Academic Team. Levy said Khachikian’s name will be mentioned in USA Today and that she is one of 1,200 students across the nation who are recognized for the award.

Also in her report, Levy talked about the progress of the Garfield campus expansion project, including excavation and the removal of the houses at the construction site.

A passport day is being planned, in which students will be brought from the Garfield campus to the main campus to register and enroll in classes.

Khachikian also graciously welcomed newly elected Ransford and incumbents Gabrielian and Hacopian.

“I look forward to working with all of you during my time here,” she said. “One thing we have been working on this semester [in the Associated Students] is really improving the student role in governance.”

Every semester a new group of students are elected for the AS. This new group of students is usually unfamiliar with the governance structure of the college and is therefore unable to assist students as efficiently. One solution has been to have President Levy and others come in to explain what is going on in the various departments that they run.

“It has really made a difference,” she said.
The next board meeting will be held in Kreider Hall in San Rafael on May 18 at 5 p.m.