One Performer’s Journey into Cirque Du Soleil

How an artist was given the opportunity of a lifetime

The pandemic was especially difficult for Cirque Du Soleil, which paused 44 shows worldwide and laid off 95% of its employees. By 2021, Cirque Du Soleil began its revival slowly by reopening shows and revamping content to fit a younger generation. With the show reopening, the casting department really wanted to expand the previous cast now to fit more demographics. They increased the amount of women and brought in a younger age group in the hopes of diversifying for a new energy. 

One artist in particular, named Max Charron, would be one of the youngest members to join. At 20 years old, the Canadian-born native would have his wildest dreams fulfilled after the most difficult of years. Charron has had a passion for dance ever since a young age and was currently studying at the International School of Circus in Montreal. Charron and his partner would be cast for Cirque’s touring production of OVO. Charron brought his signature duo trapeze act to the stage beginning in February 2022.

Being that young, Charron realized how difficult a life on tour truly is. Coming to a cast of 50 members who had been together for over eight years meant that it took some time for him to adjust. Charron said in an interview via Instagram, “I came into an atmosphere where relationships were already formed, and I found it harder in the beginning to make friends.” One of the hardest parts was moving from one city to another every week. Charron found himself not acclimating to this new life so easily. “I have to train for hours away from home, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to call my friends and family,” Charron said. He shines a light that the life on tour is all that is glamorous. It’s not a life for the average civilian. Charron said that “though it can be hard I’m living a dream and it’s only going to get better over time.”

Charron says this journey is helping him in his passion for spreading the message of individuality. “If you feel different, embrace it, and live your life to the fullest,” Charron said. By expressing himself more, he has been able to find his purpose and find balance in his work and mental health.

Edward Hakobjanyan can be reached at [email protected].