Concert Preview: Baja Beach Fest 2018

The West Coast’s first ever reggaeton festival will take place in Rosarito, MX this fall

The Baja-California based 18 and over nightclub, Papas & Beer, has been a vacation destination for college spring breakers since 1984. The club has proclaimed itself as the “stomping grounds for wild times,” with numerous events, celebrity performances, and adventurous DJs.

     The infamous rapper and producer Lil Jon was the first artist to hit the stage and take things up a notch for spring break in 2015. Within the last year Migos, YG, Dj Madds, Steve Aoki, Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, Dj Brooke Evers and their faithful Dj Fredy Fresco, have all jumped on the bandwagon of performing at the club, hyping up large crowds, ‘papas style’ for its sold out events.

     Reggaeton fans have a lot to look forward to, as it has recently been announced that the club will be hosting the largest and first reggaeton festival to hit the West Coast. They announced July 16th via Twitter, that they had a confirmed artist for their upcoming “reggaeton concert”, which at the time did not have an official event name.

      “After years of events at Papas and Beer, the right partnership came together and the opportunity to create the first ever reggaeton festival was up for grabs, it was hard letting it slip away,” co-founder Aaron Ampudia explained. “This will be the biggest event of the year…we are anticipating between 10 to 15 thousand [attendees].”

     Baja Beach Fest 2018 will take place at their Rosarito beach venue  Oct.19-21. Headliners for the event include latin top charters Bad Bunny and Farruko. According to Ampudia, picking headliners for the event came fairly easy to the team.

     “Keeping them a secret was a little hard because we were so excited,” he added.

     He also mentioned how it was choosing the right opening acts that required deeper thought. The club has yet to announce who those opening acts will be, but have confirmed that more

information about performing artists can be found on the event’s official website.

     The first official promo for the event launched on Aug. 8, through Instagram posts, teasing tweets, and emails to previous guests. Surprise college campus visits are also a part of the promotion campaign that the Papas team has put together.

     Usually beginning with an instagram post of a random place on campus that then leads to a scavenger hunt and giveaways to those who are able to locate the crew first. 

     “An ideal starting promo is three months out … our giveaways include clothing,stickers, and of course VIP tickets,” Ampudia said. 

     Papas has been successful in selling out and keeping a large crowd interested in back-to-back events. Being the hosts to the first official reggaeton festival took plenty of hard work and faith in the team and its potential. “If there is one thing I could share, it’s don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t make your goals happen, use that as fuel to make it happen,” the promoter said, as he expressed his pride in what he does.

     Baja Beach Fest attendees will have access to the club’s new and improved venue area, “Beachfront Haven.” The venue includes a beachfront stage, seven bars, pool parties, huge dance areas, games and competitions. Lounge areas and taco stands will also be available for those who need a quick break from the partying.

     Earlier last month, the club announced the venue upgrade on their website saying they had crafted an unforgettable environment for all to come together, feel alive, and dance to the best reggaeton songs out there.

     An option to purchase tickets and find out more information, one can simply go to the event’s official website,