Grace Us With Your Presence

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s nearing that time to start cramming your fall season Netflix or Hulu queue with familiar and binge-worthy television shows.

Many shows are classic remakes or continuing seasons, aimed at hitting nostalgia. In the midst of all of the queuing and streaming, your favorite “fab four” have made their return to primetime with the revitalization of “Will & Grace” — complete with jabs at one of the aforementioned in the opening scene.

Will, Grace, Jack and Karen hastily open the born again NBC comedy with instantaneous answers to all of the questions you forgot to ask. The children are gone, written off as a figment of a viable martini-induced coma, by none other than our favorite high-pitched, quick-witted Trump supporter, Karen. Will and Grace are now both divorced and living together again, and everything seemed to be going right again in 2017 for a few minutes. Once relationships are clarified and character dynamics are re-established, following the 11-year hiatus, we settle into Will’s Upper West Side Apartment and it feels as if we never left — it’s also fair to mention that NBC has ordered 16 episodes for the first season and 13 episodes for season two, so you won’t be evicted any time soon.

In addition to the on-air resurrection, you now have the opportunity to get an even more thorough look inside the quintessential apartment as Universal Studios Hollywood commemorates Will and Grace’s return.

The theme park is allowing guests visiting as part of its exclusive VIP Experience, the “opportunity to step onto Soundstage 22 on the Universal backlot to see first-hand where the sitcom revival is making history for a second time,” according to Universal Studios. The tour also features an “expert Studio Tour Guide, a trolley, and unlimited front-of-line privileges to all theme park rides and attractions,” among various other exclusives that are sure to satisfy

Reservations are available online at or by calling (818) 622-5120.  Private VIP Experience tours and gift certificates are also available.