Local DJ Makes a Mark on the Music Scene

Barely a year under his belt of mixing and producing tracks, Scott Yzarnotegui — known in the music scene as “Bang$kott”  — has toured the nation and worked in the studio with rap artists such as Kash Prez, ATL Smook, Famous Dex, UnoTheActivist, to name a few.

“Bang$kott is loyal and not fake, everybody wants to do what’s best for them, but he has a team mindset always,” childhood friend and collaborator Nar said. “He’s really good at engineering, he has an ear for sound. He handles most of the business, relates to people more and more.”

The 19-year-old from Glendale started off just like any other new  high school graduate: He went to Pasadena City College (because he was forced to by his parents), finished his  general education requirements, and saw what life has to offer.

As his star rose as an audio engineer/music producer, he dropped out last fall to pursue his career goals. He’s now on his way to the top.

Yzarnotegui was the youngest member on A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s TBA tour this year. During the Philadelphia show he met special guests and hometown heroes Meek Mill and PnB Rock.

“He has a crazy work ethic. It’s never a day where he’s not working, he’s super dedicated,” said rapper ATL Smook, one of the first to be introduced to Bang$kott. Their first track was titled “No Worries;” from there the ball started to roll.

“My friend Ricky would always talk about him and he finally set up a studio session and introduced us,” Smook said.

Smook called Yzarnotegui and suggested to work with an act Thouxanbanfauni, an artist with over 1 million plays on SoundCloud.

On a weekly basis this studio is cycled through rappers creating tracks and albums. In that same studio Yzarnotegui met rapper Kash Prez, an artist set to go on a nationwide tour with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

Hearing Bang$kott’s skill as an audio engineer, Prez next wanted to record. After spending the night creating a track he asked Yzarnotegui to be his disc jockey for the tour.

“It’s been magic ever since,” Prez said. “From the first show Boogie’s people helped him out, but the last show Scott knew how to do everything and made it happen with ease.”

Yzarnotegui fell in love with music and the programming mechanisms at a young age. His dad was an artist and the inspiration spiraled from there. He noticed all the different programs the computer was filled with, and just by fooling around he realized this was something for which he had a talent.

“I started producing young, with Logic Pro-9,  a program my dad already had and I messed with it to see what I can do,” he said.

He was persistent to learn the craft of audio engineering after no one was open to editing his vocals or his friends who featured on tracks.

“I’m reading books to learn, I’m practically self-taught, and then next thing you know you’re in the studio with your favorite rappers,” he said.

The stage name came along during a time of  randomly searching the web.

“I was looking at the city name Bangkok and had an epiphany and got the name, and thought it was sick,” Yzarnotegui said.

What catapulted Yzarnotegui was his history with Nar. The two were inseparable when in elementary school, but as Nar moved away in the fifth grade the connection was lost.

Nar contacted Yzarnotegui through Twitter direct messages.

“We both talked about making music,  we said let’s just do it and see what happens,” Nar said. “In a short amount of time we took off.”

Nar enjoyed creating clothes. and from working with upcoming artists, he met fashion phenomenon Gianni Mora.  Through Mora, he met Playboi Carti, who is signed with Interscope Records and knows the notable A$AP Mob.

The doors then opened for Yzarnotegui.

He believes the sound he creates is something that sets him apart.

“My style is influenced from the Beat Plugs [a group of producers consisting of members MexikoDro, StoopidXool and Polo Boy Shawty],” Yzarnotegui said. “I’m trying to make my sound more mainstream to appeal to a wider audience.”

Still, he worries that his hometown doesn’t understand the music he creates and the influence it brings.

“They’re used to the generic sounds created over the airwaves,” he said.

For the upcoming year he cannot say too much, but insists more performances and new music are on the way. The goal is to go back to producing and refining the sound to make it more distinct to Bang$kott.

But there are among hundreds of prospects vying for the same goals and thrill Bang$kott wants to accomplish on platforms such as SoundCloud. But he’s adamant that he is one to scope out.

“I do a lot more,” he said. “Not only do I produce, I do a lot of audio engineering work, mix vocals. That’s how I came up. I can do it all,” Yzarnotegui said. “I think that’s why they can keep me around.”

To check out current tracks or follow Bang$kott visit:

soundcloud.com/bxngsxxtt, twitter.com/bxngsxxxt, instagram.com/scottayzar