Thomas Muller Visits Glendale College


Evelina Klchyan

Thomas Muller answers questions from the audience after his lecture at the GCC campus on Nov. 12, 2015.

German artist Thomas Muller can add Glendale College to his long lists of exhibitions.

Muller participated in the GCC Visiting Artist Lecture Series on Nov. 12 where he talked about his work and his life. He also presented some of his pieces during the presentation.

Muller is the first of three contemporary artists of the series.

As Muller said, all kinds of things inspire him to do his work. “I go to art galleries and museums pretty regularly, I read a lot,” he said.

Drawing and Design Professor April Bey, was Muller’s student at Cal State Northridge.

”His work is important because it reinforces real life and memory, which he said is never real,” Bey said.’

Muller has a studio at home, and he works at a studio everyday.  Muller uses different materials to create his works, this includes clay, plaster, wood and organic materials, such as fruits and vegetables.

‘’My goal is to keep making art,’’ Muller said. He sees himself in ten years working in a studio and keeps making stuff.

Drawing and Design Professor David John Attyah said that Muller’s lecture was great.  

“I think Tom does a really great job of combining the ideas with beautifully made things,” Attyah said. “It is unique and important that the artist is both smart and technically strong.”

Muller’s next show will be in Jan. at the University of Arkansas. In front of the audience he is going to do “This is a Magical Space” piece.

Thomas Muller was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He spent his childhood in Europe and United States. During his high school years, his family settled in Seattle.

After finishing graduate school, Muller moved to LA because he thought he will have more opportunities to succeed in his career.

Muller got his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Washington, and went on to receive his Master of Fine Arts from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit.

Muller is an artist and he has a full time work. He also teaches at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University.

Attyah said that they plan to bring more contemporary artists to campus.