The Undead Walk (and Take the Red Line) Among Us


Eric Bourse

Corey Zicari and Ricardo Orta ride the Red Line train to Hollywood and Highland for the Hollywood Subway Zombie Walk on Sunday.

The streets of Hollywood Boulevard are usually crowded with its signature blend of tourists, street performers, and costumed characters posing for photos. On Sunday, a horde of the undead marched in the streets as part of the 7th Annual Hollywood Zombie Walk.

After gathering outside the North Hollywood Metro Station, the zombies descended the escalators and rode the train to Hollywood and Highland. Tourists and metro commuters shared reactions of shock and amusement.

For fifth-year particpant and undead ballerina Corey Zicari, it was her first time without having friends march alongside her. However that added to the experience. “I enjoyed being able to lurch to the beat of my own drum without having to try to stay with any particular group of zombies,” Zacari said.

Actor Noel Scott enjoyed his fourth Hollywood zombie walk interacting with tourists. “The highlight for me was doing this with my girlfriend. She photographed the whole experience and we had an awesome day.”

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