The GEM Sisters Hit YouTube! Cute Just Got Funny:

The GEM Sisters enjoy a smoothie.

Ryun Hovind

The GEM Sisters enjoy a smoothie.

Shaira Arias, Staff Writer

GCCmedia arts professor Ryun Hovind and wife, director/writer MèLisa Lomelino, are film enthusiasts who have always shared a passion in creating friendly, fun TV entertainment. Little did they know their three daughters: Gissella, 12; Mercedes, 8; and Evangeline, 7; would someday follow in their footsteps. 

“They specifically said, ‘Mom and Dad, we want to be on the Disney channel, can you do that?’ I will never forget that,” Lomelino said.       

While most parents would take their kids to auditions for talent representation and entertainment work, Hovind and Lomelino opted for a different path. Initially, they used Vine, a social media app where users are able to like, revine and share six-second videos, as a platform to see how serious the girls would be about acting and modeling.

“We’ve had people suggest to get the girls agents but we like the normalcy of what we are doing,” Hovind said.

The girls proved to be passionate and eventually started their own YouTube channel. This allowed for some more freedom and creative control in their “So Chatty” segments.

“So Chatty” is a mini series in which the girls discuss fun topics and even give movie reviews. The segments have a wide variety of themes highlighting the many talents the girls share.

What makes the talk show unique is that it was created by girls for girls. From its colorful frames displaying black and white pictures to a fun couch, the set showcases the creativity these future TV stars have. 

“A room in the house created into a talk show set for them was a family effort,” Lomelina said.

Even though Giselle loves acting, modeling and creating segments with her sisters, she also expressed her desire in becoming a coder after attending last year’s “Latinas in STEM” event. She currently partakes in different coding and video editing classes. 

“I enjoy school very much, my favorite subject is math. I want to grow up and become a coder,” Giselle said.

Unlike Giselle, Mercedes and Evangeline maintain a stronger desire to stay in the business for the long run. The girls sing and dance and aren’t afraid of being funny.

“We want women or girls to know you can be a girl and still be a comedian,” Giselle said.

Evangeline is happy to work alongside her parents. “It’s a great way to start before a different person starts to direct you in films,” she said. 

Mercedes is the fashionista out of the three and is less into sports and more into singing and modeling. She truly enjoys working with her sisters.

“I love that they are there for me. They say ‘you got a little bit of a mistake’ so I fix what I did wrong,” Mercedes said. 

Currently the GEM Sisters are working on music video parodies and skits where they play a wide range of characters such as grandmothers and boys. To check out episodes of the “GEM Sisters,” visit and