The Film Festival is Coming


Courtesy of the GCC Film Collective.

CAMERA CREW: Film Collective president Julio Espino, left, poses with his club members on the red carpet at last year’s Film Festival. Espino said there are more films this year and he hopes for a bigger turn-out.

Shaira Arias, Staff Writer

The Film Collective has done it again by producing the second annual Glendale Student Film Festival Oct. 15-17. The award ceremony will be held Oct. 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the GCC auditorium.

“This year what I want people to get out of it is that it isn’t your typical award show. I put on a show,” President of the Film Collective Julio Espino said.

Comedians Kevin Alderman and Joe Dunn will host the ceremony. Guests, with the use of their ticket, will be entered into a raffle where they’ll have the chance to win one out of two $250 photo shoot.

The screening will be held at the San Gabriel building room 334 on Oct. 16, where everyone will have the opportunity to watch all of the submitted films. Guests will be provided with complimentary food, and drinks will be available for purchase.

Last year’s winner for Best Female Director, Tracey Aivaz, will be showing a 1950’s inspired drama “Indomitable.”

I put a lot more work into this film than I did in last year’s ‘109,’ ” Aivaz said. “I really want the judges and everyone else watching to really understand that this film is very special to me.”

The festival comes with a variety of submissions from music videos to web series and more. GCC film student Ericka S. Cabrera has worked on a Spanish film, “Time to Heal,” which focuses on the difficulty of coping with personal guilt after a family tragedy.

“I love the idea that the college offers a film festival, because it is something that doesn’t happen in most universities in Mexico,” Cabrera said. “I gained experience that is very important and makes me happy if one person relates to my story.”

To kick off the festival, the Film Collective has invited one of the stars of the award-winning film, “Aram, Aram,” Christopher Chambers and actor Sevak Hakoyan to meet with attendees. “Aram, Aram” is the first American independent film that takes viewers behind the scenes of the Armenian community in Los Angeles.          

“My hope is that this will inspire other filmmakers in Armenian communities, Lebanese communities, Thai communities and whatever other communities there are to say ‘wait a minute, there are film festivals and press interested in me telling my story’ and not to imitate Hollywood, but to tell their own story,” Chambers said.

The meet and greet will be held on Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the San Rafael building, room 138.

Espino hopes to relay his message to young filmmakers today.

This year I know a little bit more, but it’s still stressful,” Espino said. With the added perks, however, he hopes to attract more people.