‘Bloodline’Invites Binge Watching

With the tag line, “We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing,” viewers can expect a roller coaster of a ride; a slow steady incline with a fast adrenaline rush at the end to keep people coming back for more.

Set in the heart of the Florida Keys, “Bloodline,” a moody Netflix original, follows the Rayburn family down a rabbit hole of deeply buried dark secrets.

After returning home for the commemoration of his parents well-renowned inn, Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn), the eldest and most troubled of the clan, stirs up tension among the family like he usually does.

As tensions soar, each family member is pushed to the limit, and they find themselves doing the unthinkable.

The creators of the show assembled a stellar cast, including well-known actor Kyle Chandler (John Rayburn), Norbert Leo Butz (Kevin Rayburn), Linda Cardellini (Meg Rayburn), Sissy Spacek (Sally Rayburn) and Sam Shepard (Robert Rayburn).

Chandler, best known for playing football coach Eric Taylor on the NBC Drama “Friday Night Lights,” is welcomed back to TV after a brief hiatus.  With Chandler’s name attached to the project, it is no wonder “Bloodline” is gaining notoriety.

However, it doesn’t take long for Mendelsohn, an Australian actor, to steal the spotlight.  With a deadly combination of charm, humor, vindictiveness and vulnerability, Mendelsohn’s acting is on-par with Chandler’s and one of the best on the small screen.

With 13 episodes in Season 1, grab some snacks, call some friends over and take a weekend to binge on “Bloodline.”  Keep an eye out for Season 2, which is rumored to be coming soon.