‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ a Man’s View

Fifty Shades of Grey a Mans View

Emiliano Chavez, Staff Writer

Every couple of years, a media franchise becomes so popular that it blooms into a phenomenon that is impossible to ignore. With the massive popularity and controversy surrounding the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise, it has quickly become the flavor of the decade.

What started off as “Twilight” fanfiction morphed into a trio of erotic novels and is now a feature length film.  Although it has received mostly negative reviews, the film has already made $400 million dollars globally, according to Hollywoodreporter.com.

A sequel has already been green lit and has an expected release date in 2016.

However, is this S&M version of “Twilight” worth millions of dollars and a sequel?

Although the fan base is primarily made up of women and there is a lot of discussion surrounding the message the story sends to the female demographic, it also sends a negative message to men.

The romantic lead, Christian Grey, has readers enamored, so naturally many men would seek to emulate him. In fact, student Mohammad Hossain from the University of Illinois reenacted a scene from the film on a female student.

According to a USA Today article written by Walbert Castillo, Hossain allegedly brought the female student to his dorm room and bound her limbs, covering her mouth with a necktie (an item used in promotional material for the film) and began to hit her with a belt; however, when the female student asked Hossain to stop, he continued. Hossain was arrested and told police that he was reenacting scenes from the movie.

While this is an extreme case, the fact remains that “Fifty Shades of Grey” influenced this behavior. The film’s tagline seems to promote curiosity in the world of kink. However, the kink depicted does not accurately represent the BDSM community, sending the message that practitioners of the fetish have experienced traumatic events or have mental problems.

On the subject of fantasy, the film is full of it. Firstly, not all billionaires look like Jamie Dornan, who plays Grey. In reality, most probably resemble Stephen Ross and Leonard Stern more than they do the perfectly chiseled actor.

Grey also sets up an impossible standard for average Joes to follow. He’s rich, tall and handsome. He plays classical piano, drives a Lamborghini, can pilot his own plane, and is apparently a sex God. Talk about a tough act to follow.

For all his superficially superior qualities, however, Grey is also controlling, sadistic, and seems like a stalker with anger issues, yet he has women like the story’s protagonist, Anastasia Steele, at his feet. Just after meeting her once, Grey tracks down where Steele works and stops by to buy items from her store.

In another scene, Steele drunkenly dials Grey and he orders her to quit drinking, despite having only known her for a few weeks.

As an actor, there is not much Dornan can do make the character for likable, given the lackluster dialogue he has to work with. The script included lines, such as  “where have you been all my life” and “Waiting for you,” that were so ridiculously cliché that they could be nausea inducing (at least for this movie-goer).

If this film has any good quality, it is the cinematography. The film looks slick and shiny, resembling a high-scale car commercial.

The soundtrack is also well put together and features songs by The Weekend, Ellie Goulding, and a remix of Beyonce’s mega hit “Crazy In Love.” It would be nice if there were a way to mute the actor’s dialogue and just listen to the music while staring at the pretty backgrounds.

And for a film where kinky BDSM is the main selling point, there is very little of it.

Please, do yourself a favor and do not watch the film – if enough people ignore it, maybe it will go away faster.