‘Packed and Jammed’ at Gallery


Alexandra Duncan, Entertainment Editor

Packed and Jammed” is a campus art show that features art from installation and sculpture artists within the Los Angeles area who were invited to create artwork that adapts to the architecture of the gallery room in the library building.

According to the gallery’s pamphlet, the end result “will be an interconnected series of visual structures that address and play upon shifting contemporary understanding of phenomenology, objectivity, cognition and space.”

The artists are: Geneva Skeen, Sophie Lee, Karen Lofgren, Chris Niemi, Janne Larsen, Amy Green, Clifford Eberly, Jon Paul Villegas and Megan Geckler.

One of the featured pieces is an extensive multi-colored, woven flagging tape sculpture by Geckler called “This Pattern’s torn and We’re Weaving.” It spans from the floor of the art gallery to the ceiling, creating rainbow streams of tape that brighten the pale room.

Another piece, by Villegas, featuring four sculptures called “Kitchen Still Life With Non-Auratic Nachos,”  crowds the inside corner of the gallery. These sculptures showcase “weird spatial latticework of twentieth century visual culture.”

Seven paintings by Green called “Installation of Paintings,” are located randomly throughout the gallery on both the ceilings and walls. Her small canvas paintings “engage both the architecture itself as well as its surfaces.”

A wall mural by Eberly generously offers bookmarks and is titled “Sun Clock Spawns a Monster.” It covers the majority of the rightmost wall of the gallery and utilizes yarns and elastic fabrics.

Also, during the opening of the “Packed and Jammed, Skeen performed an audio piece entitled “Coyote Always Wins,” which addresses “cyclical, fantastic language and behavior developed in nostalgic fantasy.”

Lastly, a rubber and metal sculpture by Lofgren called “Support System” is  located on the corner of a wall and “showcases common structural objects in a fantastic oftentimes critical way.”

Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 12 to 5 p.m. and Friday  from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The show will run until Dec. 4.