Phresh N Phamous Talks Hip Hop


JAY-O: Student and podcast host Jordan Gore talks about his interviews with Big Sean and other artists in the Media Arts studio on April 24. Gore presents a new radio show every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Kristine Dizon, Staff Writer

With his fedora hat, relaxed attitude, and positive energy, Jordan Gore, also known as Jay-O, epitomizes radio-host charm.

Despite having interviewed big-name artists like Big Sean, Andrew Schulz, and YG, Gore, 22, also focuses on indie, less well-known hip-hop artists to help promote their music.

He realized his passion for hosting when his mother pushed him to take a radio broadcasting class because she thought he had the voice for it. Describing his mom as his “anchor,” Gore said his mother inspires his ambitions and successes.

“I wouldn’t be doing an interview with you if my mom did not encourage me to do radio,” he said.

His mother, Erinn Davenport, said he loves to learn about people. He is curious no matter how trivial it may seem to others.

The name “Phresh N Phamous” derives from his former music group. While his partner was “Phresh,” he was “Phamous.” The duo was only known locally and eventually branched out; however, Gore kept the name because he loved how it sounded.

With 500 interviews and 125 broadcasted radio shows behind him, Gore seems far from slowing down his momentum, having come a long way since he first started his show in 2009.

His very first show took place in his mother’s kitchen, his only equipment a computer, a recording device, and a Guitar Hero microphone. Because his initial guest did not show up, his friend, a musician who goes by the name “Mr. Too Deep,” filled the slot.

With no questions prepared beforehand, he improvised and asked basic questions, such as the origins of his stage name and his background.

Noah Venerable, Gore’s stepbrother, said he has come a long way since then.

“He took the risk to go after the big names in the hip-hop industry because he loves what he does,” Venerable said.

According to former co-host Kalisha Perera, Gore asks very intriguing and well-thought-out questions that dig deeper into his interviewee’s mind.

“He makes sure that the person he interviews gets their point across,” she said.

Although he was born in Pasadena, Gore went to five different high schools and split his time between Texas, where his father lived, and California. However, he has no regrets about his unconventional high school experience because it helped him learn the power of networking and talking to different people, which has helped him grow more independent with his craft.

Gore said Phresh N Phamous will always be his baby because this was his first business and he built it from the ground up to success. He also wants to spread words of positivity.

His show is broadcasted online at Although he earns revenue from special promotions, this is not always consistent. However, his passion for broadcast and his desire to grow keep him going.