International Students Showcase Talents


Alexandra Duncan, Arts Editor

Arms swirled gracefully through the air beneath the beating sun and liquid movements flowed through each of the dancers’ bodies as they performed at Plaza Vaquero.

Tibor Fober and Yani Santos danced Brazilian and hip-hop-style and with two other entrants sang in their unique styles Thursday, during the second-annual International Student Association talent show.

Santos’ long, curly locks of hair whipped through the air to the pulsating vibrations of the bass as her partner cradled her in his arms.

Ariana Soroudi, a Los Angeles native studying opera, also performed, hitting the high notes in Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Kasha Fernandes, another performer, sang “Sway” and won the crowd over with some jazzy tunes.

Mariah Ribeiro, adviser to the ISA for 15 years, collaborated with ASGCC to put on the talent show for its second year. The radio station Uforia Klove (107.5) was also present, recording live from a booth next to the show.

ISA advisor, Sarah Kim, a student from South Korea, said that the talent show was originally for international students only.

“We sent an email to all of the international students on campus and posted flyers,” said Kim.

Hyacinth De Cuba, a member of the ISA, said that Klove radio had been in contact with the ISA and said that she supports anything international.

“The talent show was created by us, but we got help from domestic students,” said De Cuba.

According to Ribeiro, some performers never showed up for the talent show and all the remaining contestants were allotted a cash prize.

To fill some time, ASGCC held an on-the-spot talent competition that included a performance of “Stand By Me”, “Doll in the Music Box,” some robotic breakdancing moves and stand-up poetry.

Students showed support as they circled around performers, applauded and swayed to the music.

The Filipino club and the ISA provided refreshments as well.