Students Decorate Campus With Sculptures During “Intervention” – Exclusive Slideshow Coverage


Nina Arsenian setting up her sculpture in the construction yard.

Araks Terteryan, Staff Writer

Sculpture students embellished the campus with their artwork during an event they called “Intervention” on the evening of Oct. 22.

The purpose of the project was to create a sculpture without negatively affecting the campus environment. The challenge was to place the artwork with respect to the location in which it would be installed.

“Our goal was to break the monotony of the space by adding, subtracting or creating a parallel experience through intervention,” said sculpture instructor Sarah Seager.

Slideshow Media Credit: Manvel Kapukchyan

Works of aspiring artists adorned campus for a limited time only. They were set up Tuesday night and were removed on Wednesday.

Nina Arsenian, a Sculpture I student, placed her piece, which she called “Hummer,”  near the construction of the new Lab/College Services Building, since it serves as good example of gentrification on campus. Arsenian said her piece represents renovation and the improvement of something old, and makes it closer to the level of middle class taste.

“When I think of construction, I think of gentrification, which is why I decided to place my sculpture in the area of the new building,” Arsenian said.

Arsenian’s piece symbolizes the modernization of  a subject which is being broken down or torn apart.

Among the art pieces placed throughout the campus were: “Invited, Uninvited” made by Emil Rasmussen and Fredric Coling, which was placed by the health department; “Swing,” set up in front of the Police Department and “Silhouette,” a work made with plastic wrap.