Friday Flix Offers Free Movies, Flex Credit


FRIDAY FLIX: “West Side Story” will be playing at the GCCTV studios on March 15. Other classic movies will be playing on Fridays throughout the semester.

Marlon Miranda, El Vaquero Sports Editor

Movies can be watched for entertainment or they can be watched for academic merit. John Michael Petros, an associate professor of media arts, started Friday Flix three years ago to help students and faculty find a medium between the two.

Every other Friday, Petros shows classic movies on a theater screen. He selects movies that he thinks would be interesting to watch, and by what his students might need to see to aid them in their careers.

“Friday Flix started when I wanted to show my students movies in a theatrical setting that they normally wouldn’t be able to see,” said Petros.

When Friday Flix started three years ago it was exclusively for media arts students, but now it is open to all students and faculty. It starts with a brief lecture and some interesting facts about the film. After the movie there is a discussion, ranging from topics such as cinematography to critics’ reactions to the film.

On March 1, the first film screened this semester was “Manhattan,” a 1979 romantic comedy by Woody Allen.

Before the film, Petros discussed how Allen hated the movie and even told the studios he would make another movie for free if they didn’t release the movie. The movie turned out to be critically acclaimed and even garnered two Academy Award nominations.

“Manhattan is considered one of Allen’s best films. It is on numerous lists of the funniest movies of all time,” said Petros.

Lynette Hartouni ,a media arts major ,attended her first Friday Flix three years ago. She was hoping to gather insight and watch a movie she has seen before in a new setting.

“I am not seeing this movie for entertainment. I am watching this movie for learning,” said Hartouni. “I am a media arts major and I will be looking at the camera shots and directing and editing.”

Sanya Morris, a philosophy major, has been a part of Friday Flix since its inception and loves to watch the variety of different movies. Learning about movies and hearing the lecture Petros gives, is why she continues to attend as often as she can.

“It’s a very special opportunity to come and watch movies on a big screen,” said Morris. “I love coming in the middle of the day. It’s in between my classes and Petros always selects the most wonderful movies.”

There is a wide selection of films being shown this semester. Petros has collected a large library of films over the years. He tries to find a correlation between what is happening on campus to the film he is showing. The Friday before Easter he will show “Harvey.”

“Harvey is a movie about a six-foot bunny,” said Petros. “We try and have fun. In October we show horror movies, and in March, being women’s history month, we usually show a film that showcases a strong female role.”

This year’s selection,“Silence of the Lambs,” will be shown in April due to a scheduling conflict.

Friday Flix is presented in SG 334 at 12:30 pm every other Friday. “West Side Story” will be shown on March 15.