‘Avengers’ Director Reveals Production Insight

Eric Bourse, El Vaquero Staff Writer

Joss Whedon, director of “The Avengers” (2012), revealed insight on how he wrote and made the superhero epic in a college press conference on April 16.

Whedon said he had to come up with the set pieces and action sequences before he finished the script due to a tight schedule.

“It was very difficult structurally to figure out how to make it work, but in terms of the process, very organic because it was all, everybody in the pool,” said Whedon.

The director mentioned that one of the reasons he loved the Avengers while growing up was its contrast to other Marvel comics, which had a more sense of realism.

“Even though the Avengers made their home in New York, they were so often out in that space and dealing with artificial intelligence and grand beings from another world, and gods and monsters,” said Whedon. “I love that element. That’s definitely a part of the film.”

The filmmaker said it was unfortunate that he was unable to have scenes with all the characters interacting with each other because of time constraints. He also talked about Tony Stark’s interaction with the other heroes.

“I love the Bruce Banner and Tony Stark relationship,” said Whedon. “Bruce Banner’s the first guy Stark has come across really who operates on his level intellectually and isn’t a villain. I also love Tony and Steve Rogers and how much they can’t stand each other.”

Whedon’s advice for aspiring directors is to simply make films in any way possible.

“Things are different now and the best way to get your work out there … is to show yourself as a filmmaker, and to learn as a filmmaker is to just make movies,” he said. “There’s no excuse not to now.”

The director mentioned how his father, also a screenwriter, inspired him.

“I learned a great deal about story from my dad. Sometimes just inadvertently by listening to him, or watching him, or reading what he did,” said Whedon. “He’d just throw down a little piece of advice, and I find that almost with exception, the things he said to me are the things I carry the most.”

Whedon said that “The Avengers” is the type of movie that he wanted to make while growing up.

“This is an old-fashioned movie.  It’s a little bit bigger than life, but it’s very human” he said.

The director also mentioned his most desired superpower.

“I would have the power of invisibility and then I wouldn’t have to show up for as many shooting days.”