Auditions Held for ‘Autobahn,’ ‘Shape of Things’

Verzhine Nikoghosyan, staff reporter

The lobby of the auditorium was filled with excitement and tension while students were waiting for their turns to be auditioned for the theatre department’s upcoming productions of Neil LeBute’s “Autobahn” and “The Shape of Things” directed by Jeanette Farr.

Farr held the auditions on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. She is set to direct the upcoming plays beginning Oct. 19 in the auditorium studio theatre.

“It’s such a highlight,” said Farr. “Personally, it’s rewarding to see students grow and blossom from the initial audition, where everyone is nervous, on through achieving to the opening night performance. You can see a level of confidence and accomplishment. That’s why we teach, to pass along the tradition.”

It was hard not to notice how excited and nervous everyone was before the audition. The room was full of students practicing their monologues alone and with friends. They were here from different countries and different backgrounds, following their dreams.

As Ryan Rogers, theater arts major, said “This is a start of a journey. You never know what will happen but this is where the expedition starts.”

Anyone was welcomed to be auditioned and students from different majors joined this quest. After the audition, the students will perform variety of roles which will give them an experience on the stage time.

Alexus Crisanto, theatre arts major, who has been part of the plays last year learnt to be always prepared to overcome challenges. One of his challenges has been trying to be a new character and trying to find connection to be that character. Joining the plays helped him not only to move forward towards his career goals but to express himself.

“Acting helped me to be more open to express myself and to be more articulate,” said Crisanto.

The experience was not only rewarding for the local but also for foreign students, who were able to get involved in a play by overcoming all their difficulties, like language and foreign culture.

Guilhermi Arrudo, theater arts major, is an international student from Brazil, who wants to be an actor. “This all seems surreal. You see the advertisements and hear about it but now it’s true it’s happening. I still can’t believe it.”

Hayarpi Tahmasian, zoology and stage management, is also an international student. She also had many difficulties while going through auditions but those challenges were nothing compared to what she might gain.

“It’s challenging and I like being challenged. If you can’t speak English this helps you if you don’t have enough confidence you get it and you find a lot of friends, you understand their feelings. You know what they are going though.” This opportunity gives her confidence to express and simply be herself.

Tahmasian said she knows how challenging this can be but it’s a one of a kind opportunity for her which she readily takes. She believes that just because it doesn’t happen at first it doesn’t mean its not going to happen at all.

“You just need to believe in yourself and need to try harder because life doesn’t give you that many chances, you need to take whatever opportunity you can.”

For more information on the theatre arts program, call 818-240-1000, ext. 5618. The website for the theater arts department can be visited at The prices will be $10 for the general public and $8 for students.