Vote for New Officers

Qualified candidates wishing to be on the ballot to run for an Associated Students of Glendale Community College office must apply by 3:30 p.m. today. To be an ASGCC officer, one must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and carry at least six units while petitioning and running for office. If elected, the new officers must each carry at least nine units.

The elections will be held on Nov. 29 and 30 in Plaza Vaquero.
The vice president offices that are up for reelection are: Vice President of Administration,Vice President of Campus Activities, Vice President of Campus Relations and Vice President of Campus Organizations.

Additionally, there are three senators’ positions open in each of these departments: Finance, Administration, Campus Activities, Campus Relations and Campus Organizations.

There are also five appointed representatives from each of the five departments, which brings the number of positions available to 64.
The only officers that are not up for re-election are President Haik Chilingaryan and Vice President of Finance David Arakelyan, who serve one-year terms.

The ASGCC supports clubs and department amenities, as well as representing the student body on all levels of campus activity.