Last Christmas: Love Beyond Imagination

Anahit Sydney, Senior Production Manager

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It has become increasingly difficult to find a decent Christmas movie that sets the holiday mood and gives the same level of satisfaction as classics from the past.

Most current-day Christmas movies include D-list actors, poor production and low-budget equipment, making it very difficult for the audience to remain engaged.

However, notable screenplay writers Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings, along with director Paul Feig, have produced a new Christmas classic with their new film “Last Christmas.”

“Last Christmas,” which came out on Nov. 8, stars award-winning actors Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. It was written around the song “Last Christmas” by Wham!, and has since given the song a whole new perspective. It is not your typical feel-good-happy-ending rom-com, but it, in fact, has the ability to move one deeply- more than what a modern-day love story typically does.

The film is based in London and follows the main character Kate, played by Emilia Clarke, who has lost direction and self-identity after falling ill and getting a heart transplant. The transplant and other familial difficulties resulted in resentment towards her family members and some friends, so she isolated herself. At some point, Kate even battles homelessness, because she’d much rather sleep outside than in her home with family.

She spent much of her time day-drinking in London pubs, while her evenings were much like crashing with friends or spending the night with strange men. It was evident that this was her way of ‘acting out’ and escaping her own reality.

Kate is a former singer who works at a year-round Christmas store, selling ornaments and other decorations. Her lack of enthusiasm at work threatens her job and she is in a state of limbo as she fails to secure singing jobs time-after-time after auditions. Among the craziness of her reality, Kate is constantly and desperately trying to find herself- to heal and to protect herself from further emotional and mental damage.

That’s until she crosses paths with a charming young man, Tom Webster, played by Henry Golding. Tom reminds Kate of everything she once was- excited, full of life, and optimistic. Instantly, he teaches her to disconnect from the technological world and to be present in every moment of every day. He looks beyond the surface of things and tries to find a purpose and silver lining in all of his encounters. He visits her at work whenever she is having a difficult time or is not feeling well; almost like he senses her need for his presence.

Tom inspires Kate to take initiative in her life and call the shots. Because of this, she begins auditioning for different roles, volunteering, doing charity work,  and even reconnecting and making amends with her family and friends. He shows her a different side of the world that no one else has been able to, by giving her a sense of comfort and trust. One that she has never felt before.

Ultimately, the two fall in love, but a shocking plot twist gets in the way of them ever being together in a way that the audience would expect.

Despite the inability to be one as a couple, Tom eternally gave Kate his heart, and in return, she gave him her soul.