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Are people ready to discard their masks or will they keep them around indefinitely?
What is the future of masking up?
Jack Morris, Staff Writer • June 3, 2021

The American public mostly adopted masks as an appropriate measure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, but could masks in the United States have a future after the virus subsides? Could masks become an accessory...

Banner displaying the logos of Student Equity’s learning communities.
Student Equity & Achievement: GCC Levels the Playing Field for Marginalized Students
Manifa Baghomian and Ana Pineda-Gonzalez May 29, 2021

Student Equity is Glendale Community College’s aid program for students who are Black, Hispanic or former foster youth. Student Equity, established in 2016,  serves just shy of 400 Vaqueros in its...

Class of 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony Set for June 9
Class of 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony Set for June 9
Reona Iwamoto, Staff Writer • May 26, 2021

Glendale Community College’s Class of 2021 graduation ceremony June 9 will be held virtually due to the pandemic. The commencement ceremony traditionally is held on Verdugo Campus, with graduates celebrating...

Lakers’ Quest for Championship Banner 18
Vaquero Tracksters Upgrade to Div. 1 Programs
Madness in Indianapolis
No Spring Sports at GCC
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The Importance of Latinx
Ana Pineda-Gonzalez, Staff Writer • June 4, 2021

There have been terms for Latin Americans, whether originating from government or themselves, which they have used to reclaim their identity. Latin Americans...

Laptop with a graduation cap perched on it that displays the word “learning” on the screen.
To Record or Not to Record?
Manifa Baghomian, Staff Writer • May 31, 2021

Glendale Community College’s Academic Senate has discouraged the practice of requiring students to use webcams, but in pandemic-era synchronous learning,...

Challenges for Women in STEM Jobs
Challenges for Women in STEM Jobs
Ana Pineda-Gonzalez, Staff Writer • April 27, 2021

Anush Kadoyan, a Glendale Community College alumna, recently co-hosted an online event highlighting problems women face when going into STEM (science,...

Entrance to Vroman
Vroman’s Asked for Help and the Community Delivered
Ana Pineda-Gonzalez, Staff Writer • November 25, 2020

On Monday, Sept. 28, Vroman’s, a well-known bookstore in Pasadena, sent out a newsletter to their subscribers that they were in need of help because...

Restaurants Amid the Pandemic
Priscilla Caballero, Staff Writer • November 24, 2020

As several restaurants have learned to adapt to new Covid-19 health guidelines and measures, restaurants have also continued to struggle during their re-openings.    “An...

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