• America’s Hate Problem

    America’s Hate Problem

    Marian Sahakyan, Editor-in-Chief

    November 8, 2018

    When the Founding Fathers set forth to write the Bill of Rights nearly two centuries ago, they made it a point to assure future Americans that their choice of religion would be respected and protected by the United States government. They assured nothing on behalf of fellow Americans, though. For decades, hate cr...

    In order to show support of neighboring communities and religions, Angelenos have set out to march for solidarity.

    Tania Acosta / Staff Photographer

  • Honoring Years of Legacy

    Honoring Years of Legacy

    Michael Dumansky and Marian Sahakyan

    October 25, 2018

    As Glendale Community College celebrates its 90th year of athletic competition, some of its former athletes and coaches are being inducted into its Athletic Hall of Fame. This year, the ceremony took place on Oct. 21 on campus, during which several present and past sportspeople were honored. The tradition starte...

    Memories were created, as the honorees and guests gathered on a stage to celebrate all that is yet to come to GCC’s Athletic Department.

    Greg Parks / Contributing Photographer

  • When in Rome

    When in Rome

    Alin Pasokhian, Managing Editor

    October 15, 2018

    What began as a journey to see if I would be transferring to an Italian university, quickly became a realization point that I had it in me to live abroad -- not just study there. It was through the culturally immersive experience of being in Italy that brought me to this revelation. As college students...

    GCC’s Study Abroad to Italy in winter 2018 took to the streets of Rome, but takes roads less traveled to immerse in local culture.

    Alin Pasokhian

  • Helping Children Succeed

    Helping Children Succeed

    Carolina Diaz, Web Editor

    October 1, 2018

    Running around, playing with friends and having fun is what we think of when we picture children during their elementary years. However, we are not seeing the bigger picture. There are students who don’t get to do this. To some even eating is a hard thing to accomplish. Some live below the poverty l...

    GCC’s Pack-A-Backpack Drive was launched in 2008 and is geared toward gathering donations for students.

    Hayk Rostomyan

  • Building Another Legacy

    Building Another Legacy

    Michael Dumansky and Tyler Greene

    September 19, 2018

    As Glendale College enters its 91st year of athletic competition, a familiar face in a new position will lead the department into a different era. Chris Cicuto, the former head coach for the GCC baseball team since 2004, has been hired as the interim Associate Dean of Athletics. The irony of the hi...

    Chris Cicuto, his father, John Cicuto, and former football coach, Jim Sartoris, come together.

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