Global Warming Destroys Aquatic Resources

Dieuwertje Kast

December 11

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In spite of an abundance of evidence to the contrary, our government refuses to admit that global warming is actually happening and that it affects us right now - not as a remote possibility in the distant future. As a scuba...

Gun Control Laws Are a Joke in the United States

Vartanoosh Kiourktzian

May 17

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Guns do not kill people, people who are allowed to buy guns without permits kill people. The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech University, got me thinking about gun control in this country. Countries such as Japan and France have...

John McCain Will Struggle to Win Nomination

Vartanoosh Kiourktzian

March 29

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The House of Representatives and the Senate both have Democratic majorities and many say that the Democrats won in November because people are ready for a change, so where does that leave Republican Presidential candidate John...

Global Warming Continues to Cause Concern

Jennifer Tinoco

March 15

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Being the smartest creatures on Earth, humans have made a huge impact with population and technology. Global warming is beginning to grow and even though people are always trying to make it a better world for numerous reasons,...

Passion and Intelligence May Not Win Election

Vartanoosh Kiourktzian

March 1

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America has finally been given the chance to elect a president who is smart and charismatic, no longer are they stuck making a decision between the lesser of two evils. With Bush's approval ratings at an all time low and Democrats...

El Vaquero Supports Students’ Right for Truth

September 21

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We all take the First Amendment right of freedom of the press for granted until we are faced with a challenge that affects us directly — as was the staff of El Vaquero at the end of the spring semester. The purpose of a ...

Student Volunteer Praises Service to Others

El Vaquero Staff Writer

December 8

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They come in different sizes, styles and types. They have different faces, voices, personalities and passions. Sometimes they rebuild torn down houses and mow lawns. At other times they bag canned groceries, peel vegetables and...

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November 21

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